Staff and family members of HTOO Hospitality, Aureum Hotel and Resort, Ngapali have donated drinking water

by HTOO Group Media Department

Staff and family members of HTOO Hospitality, Aureum Palace and Resort, Ngapali, which is one of the conglomerates of HTOO Group of Companies have collectively donated 100 huge bottles of drinking water and 6 cars load of usable water to villagers of Kinmaw Village, Kyauksake Village and Ooyin Village in Thandwe’ Township, Rakhine State.

There is a saying, which express that life of rice last for seven days, while life of water last for only half a day. Since water is necessary for all human and living beings, plants etc., it is very essential indeed.

As HTOO Group of Companies, we would like to appreciate and honor HTOO Hospitality, which is always trying their best to fulfill the needs of their guests and HTOO Hospitality staff and family members who are socially responsive.


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