Message from the Chairman

Togetherness, coupled with a firm determination to win, undoubtedly and admittedly, is what transformed us from a small traditional business in an obscure town, to a large group of companies in a highly competitive business environment.

Since the establishment of HTOO Trading Co., Ltd. in 1990, the founding pioneers have pooled their ideas and efforts together to bring about the success that has led to the emergence of the HTOO Group of Companies. However, the path that led us from small business to diverse conglomerate has never been easy. Converting our past mistakes into lessons, with an understanding that failure is part of the winning process, and generating results from those lessons has been one of the key drivers enriching our organizational performance.

We are committed to further developing organizational engagement to ensure maximum productivity generated through honesty, diligence and teamwork, and to establishing a pleasant workplace environment where employees feel respected, recognized and appreciated, culminating in a sense of pride and ownership within the organization.

Our ultimate aim is to achieve success and monetary gains that will benefit all stakeholders and positively contribute to human society and the environment.

To support this goal, we established the HTOO Foundation on 5 May 2008. It is a non-profit, non-religious and non-politically affiliated charity organization that focuses on the reforestation of Myanmar’s natural forests, the protection and preservation of wildlife and the provision of emergency relief assistance to people affected by natural disasters.

As we move forward, we will continue to pool our efforts together and work to be recognized as a reliable and active organization committed to maintaining sustainable growth while fulfilling social, economic and environmental obligations. We will strive to remain a socially and environmentally responsible organization that helps contribute to making our planet clean and green.

Tay Za