The Trading Sector has long been a core pillar of the Group, with much success in logging and exporting timber. Subsequently it expanded to other areas, including petroleum and palm oil distribution across the country.


HTOO Trading Company Limited

HTOO Trading Company Limited was established in 1990 as a logging and timber-exporting company, and subsequently expanded into the export of rice, beans and pulses.

HTOO Trading Company Limited is the origin of the present-day HTOO Group of Companies.

From 1999 to 2009,the company was among the top 5 exporters of timber annually, and from 2004 to 2007, it was the biggest exporter of rice, beans and pulses in Myanmar.

Due to the escalating need of preserving the environment and the increasing awareness for being an eco friendly corporation, the company has now adopted the policy of planting back three times the number of trees that had ever been felled previously.


HTOO Petroleum Co., Ltd

HTOO Petroleum Co.,Ltd commenced operations in Myanmar’s Petroleum, Oil and Lubricant sector in 2010.

Always seeking to provide the best products and services to both retail and wholesale customers, HTOO Petroleum aims to be the country’s leading petroleum distributor with the largest retail network offering the best products and innovative services.

Currently, HTOO Petroleum operates a total of 13 retail stations across the country.