Kandawgyi Palace Chefs won HTOO Hotel Group’s Chef Competition 2017

by HGC Admin

Under the leadership and guidance of U Tay Za, Chairman of Htoo Group of Companies, Hotel Business Chef’s Competition was held for 2017 and the Kandawgyi Palace Team won the first prize with 161.10 points, while the second prize was won by the Myanmar Treasure Bagan with 152.30 points and the third prize by Myanmar Treasure Inle’ with 151.80 points respectively.

On the first day of the competition, appetizer and soup were created for four people and to enable represent the best cuisine was a big challenge for all teams, while at the same time, there was time limit that made the chefs to have a very slim chance to have the opportunity to cook their favorite cuisine, because of choosing the system by drawing lots was applied.

Kandawgyi Palace Chefs won HTOO Hotel Group’s Chef Competition 2017
Kandawgyi Palace Chefs won HTOO Hotel Group’s Chef Competition 2017

Thus, on the very first day, the competition was very tight and the system applied did not allow the participant teams to see what they were going to prepare until a few minutes time.

On the second day, as the experts had estimated, the participant chefs had to compete quite hard to enable achieve the best and outstanding taste on one vegetarian cuisine and one desert. Kandawgyi Palace group stood first out of eleven competing teams.

Each participating team was given ten minutes time to prepare the menu and five minutes time to choose the ingredients they were going to prepare.

As Hotel Business Unit of HTOO Group of Companies, intended to provide with the best quality services to all customers equally that come to stay at the hotels within the country. Hotel Business Unit of HGC’s objective of celebrating the Chef’s Competition targeted to achieve and demonstrate the best quality in preparing variety of dishes. It also has plan to train the chefs to become highly qualified ones in the future, as explained by Julian Gomez (Group Director of Hotel Operations), and also intend to have another competition in coming September.

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