Htoo Group of Companies and Htoo Foundation’s 2017 Tree Planting Event for the rainy season

by HTOO Group Media Department

With the permission from the Road Authorities, the event of tree planting for rainy season was accomplished on 7th July 2017. It was done on Yangon-Naypyidaw Highway Road, near the Doe-nwe Reservoir, located at mile stone 200.

A total of 2300 plants of teak and other hardwood species such as pyinkadoe, padauk and ta-ma-lann are planted actively by the Htoo Group of Companies staff and family members.

The event was joined by agricultural specialists of Htoo Foundation, such as Dr. Thein Aung, Dr. Saw Lwin, Dr. Mar and also responsible persons from Htoo Group of Companies.

These plants for rainy season were mainly sponsored by Htoo Group of Companies conglomerate, such as First National Insurance, AGD Bank, Htoo Foundation, Htoo Plantation, Htoo Zoos and Gardens Unit and Aureum Palace.

This tree planting event can support in maintaining the clean and green environment, and at the same time,  we are also very grateful to the Road Authorities, which has given us permission to make this event a successful one.

Planting trees can support the natural environment positively and have meaningful effects on social life. Planting trees can reduce and destroy the green house related effects, purify the air pollution, can add oxygen to the atmosphere, support to cool down the temperature on roads and towns, and also save the energy on cooling/heating machineries etc.

Planting trees also support to reduce global warming system. A tree with an average age , can create sufficient oxygen for a family of four members. The volume of oxygen that produces from a well grown tree in one minute is sufficient enough for ten persons to inhale.

If a huge tree in properly and systematically taken care in a garden, the volume of oxygen it produces is equivalent to the air condition that operates 20 hours in a day for ten rooms.

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