Htoo foundation has donated rice and other necessary food items, worth of Kyats 70 lakhs to Internally Displaced Persons Camp in Myaing-gyi-ngoo, Pha-ann Township, Karen State

by HTOO Group Media Department

Under the guidelines and instructions of U Tay Za, Patron of Htoo Foundation, the responsible persons led by Chief Executive Officer U Paw Myint Oo, has gone to Myaing-gyi-ngoo Internally Displaced Persons Camp in Pha-ann Township, Karen State on 27th May 2017, to make donations worth of Kyats 70 lakhs of cash, rice and other necessary food items.

At the Internally Displaced Camp, Myaing-gyi-ngoo, there are a total of 5559 refugees, including 2000 children. It is heard that there is an urgent need of food, and so Htoo Foundation has donated 300 bags of rice, with one week ration of vegetables and wafer snacks for 2000 children.

Htoo Foundation’s donations consisted of Kyats 25 lakhs as capital fund and contributions of all staff from Htoo Group of Companies conglomerate totaled Kyats 70 lakhs worth of cash and necessary food items. Sayadaw U Baddanda Nyanika, the senior monk, who is in charge of IDP Camp, Myaing-gyi-ngoo has accepted all the donations and in return, he has provided with certificate of acknowledgement for the donations.

At the Internally Displaced Camp in Myaing-gyi-ngoo, the average daily need is about Kyats 1.5 lakhs worth of vegetarian dishes with 35 bags of rice.

In fact, as per objectives of Htoo Foundation, the donation has been made to the place, where there is really in need. Htoo Foundation will continue providing further assistance as much as possible, to the places within the country, where there are actual needs in the future.