In commemoration of 12th anniversary of HTOO Foundation, donate National Health Laboratory

by HTOO Group Media Department

In commemoration of 12th anniversary of HTOO Foundation, the CEO of the foundation, U Paw Myint Oo and responsible persons had donated, and the donated items are 50 suits of PPE and various foods packages, at the National Health Laboratory department in Yangon, this morning 10:30 am and the contributions were accepted by the Deputy Director-General Professor Dr. Htay Htay Tin, on behalf of the organization.

The HTOO Foundation, which was founded by Chairman U Tay Za and four vice-chairmen of HTOO Group of Companies, after the Nargis cyclone brought terrible destructions in Irrawaddy division, celebrated its 12th anniversary today, on May 5, 2020.

On behalf of the foundation, we would like to express that our enormous compliment is for all the medical-related persons, who are fighting at the vanguard of the war against the Covid-19 outbreak. Moreover, we are really happy as the foundation made the donation, which is useful items, to them.


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