Financial Services

In recent years, huge economic, political and social transformations have accelerated the growth of Myanmar’s banking and finance sector. With its associated companies of AGD Bank and First National Insurance, Htoo Group aims to meet the strong demand for financial and insurance services for both commercial and retail customers.


Asia Green Development Bank (AGD Bank)

Asia Green Development Bank (AGD Bank) was successfully launched on 6 August 2010 in Nay Pyi Taw, with the goal of developing the banking industry in Myanmar. In 2013, AGD Bank became a public company, and rebranded itself with a new slogan “We, all Myanmar will develop together”.

The past few years have seen the bank gain momentum in the industry, with over 2000 staff working in 55 branches across the country. It has established an international banking department, authorized over 45 money changer licenses, and maintains close ties with corporate clients across a range of industries. It is also an innovator in the use of debit cards, ATMs, and online transactions.

Always looking to the future, AGD bank aims to provide the vitally important banking infrastructure that will make a lasting and sustainable impact, in the process building the economic foundations of a progressive Myanmar.


First National Insurance Public (FNIP)

First National Insurance Public (FNIP) was established in 2012, with the goal of becoming the largest insurance provider in both the Life & Non-life assurance industry. With 99.5% of the Myanmar population lacking life protection, the insurance market is primed for strong growth in the near future.

At First National Insurance, a strong management team and experienced
insurance professionals complement its core strengths in customer service and use of automated technology. Its ever expanding range of services include motor insurance, cash insurance, fire insurance, life assurance, and highway travel insurance.

First National Insurance aims to position itself as the leading regional
insurance provider. Its mission is to help its customers to protect their risks and achieve financial advantages, and thus play a critical role in Myanmar’s social and economic reform.