HTOO Foundation

On 2 May 2008, Cyclone Nargis made landfall on the southwestern coast of Myanmar, leaving behind catastrophic destruction and massive loss of lives. It has been called the worst natural disaster in the recorded history of the country.

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Immediately after, employees of the HTOO Group of Companies, headed by its Chairman, mobilized to provide emergency relief efforts. They cleared fallen trees and debris on the roads in Yangon, operated heavy machinery, and travelled to hard-hit Bogalay Township in the Ayeyarwaddy Division to assist in relief and rehabilitation work. In total, the HTOO Group spent over US$ 8 million for the reconstruction of Schools, Hospitals, Monasteries and Government offices in the area.

Thus, the HTOO Foundation was born. On 5 May 2008, it was formally established by the Chairman, U Tay Za, and four Vice-Chairmen with an endowment of 5000 lakh kyats. Its objectives are to conduct and assist initiatives in the five sectors of Health, Education, Culture, Regional Development, Preservation of the National Habitat, as well as offer emergency assistance if a natural disaster should occur.

The HTOO Foundation currently actively participates in humanitarian works, leveraging its country-wide network of staff to promote its programs in remote areas. The Foundation conducts Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities for all business units under the HTOO Group of Companies. It is a participant of the UN Global Compact.

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