World rare species, including Takin and other animals can be found at Kandawgyi National Park

by HTOO Group Media Department

Under the management and supervision of Htoo Zoos and Garden Business Unit, one of the businesses of Htoo Group of Companies, the world rare species including Takin and other animals are now available for public observation at the Kandawgyi National Park in Maymyo (Pyin Oo Lwin).

Apart from the above mentioned animals, other endanger species such as Burmese Star tortoise, Eld’s Deer, Hog-deer and pheasant can also be found there and open to the public.

From Khakaborazi National Park, which is located near Tahundan Village, Nong Mun Township in Putao Region in the far north of Kachin State, one female takin and two male takin from Phonkanrazi Sanctuary Forest were sent to Kandawgyi National Park on 27th February 2002.

Since, Htoo Zoos and Garden Business Unit is supervising and managing the Kandawgyi National Park, Maymyo, which was built in 1915, with the design and pattern taken from the Royal Park of London, United Kingdom, the takin are been raised and taken care properly, and of as a matter of good results, one female takin was born on 28th March 2015 and a male takin was born on 2016 respectively.

Takin is the English name and its scientific name is known as Budorcas Taxicolor, and they can be found mostly in Bhutan, Mainland China, North Eastern part of India and in the northern part of Myanmar, between the above sea-level of 1000 to 4,500 meters. Their main food are carrots, mustard leaves, bananas, potatoes and dried grass. They also like fresh tender leaves and possess the habit of licking course salt.

Eventually, takins are becoming one of the endanger species due to over hunting and the lost of natural pasture land.

Apart from maintaining and taking care of rare species like takins, Kandawgyi National Park in Maymyo is a place, where 514 rare species of foreign and local orchids are well maintained in the Botanical Garden there, while Burmese Orchids rare species are maintained in collaboration with Botanical Gardens Conservation International (BGCI).

One Forestry Officer, Alex roger has introduced and established the Maymyo Botanical Garden in 1915. Originally, the garden has 30 acres of land  and with the assistance of one hobbyist gardener Lady Curf , the designs were copied from Kew Gardens of London in UK.  The British Government had officially acknowledged it in 1917, and in 1924, it was declared as Government Botanical Garden. The Forestry Department has also declared as protected area in 1942.

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