To transport relief provisions for Arakan People, helicopter from HGC do the tasks regularly

by HTOO Group Media Department

Due to the attack of terrorists, there is an emergency need of rations, medications and other commodities for the people, who live in Maungdaw townships. For this purpose, HTOO Group of Companies (HGC) is cooperating with regional authorities and continues its assistance in providing helicopter, today.

The helicopter from Air Myanmar Aviation Services, which is one of the conglomerates of HGC, had flown from Sittwe-Tamantha-Sittwe round trip for transportation of relief provisions; 8 rice bags, chili packages, onion packages, Potato packages, 15 biscuits boxes, 2 salt bags and 2 sardines packages.

During the return trip of helicopter, four vulnerable persons; one pregnant woman, one child, two grandmas and two of their care-takers were carried by the helicopter. All people were landed safety.

HTOO Group of Companies would like to express our profound thanks to Air Myanmar Aviation Services Co.Ltd, which is conducting meritorious deed for the public, on behalf of HGC, in an emergency of the mother land.

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