Three Myanmar Mountaineers, who will summit Mount Khakaborazi, left Myanmar for Nepal to make mountaineering practices

by HTOO Group Media Department

Three Myanmar mountaineers from Myanmar Hiking and Mountaineering Federation, Ko Pyae Phyo Aung, Ko Aung Khaing Myint and Ko Zaw Zin Khaing, who will make tremendous efforts to the summit of Mount Khakaborazi in Myanmar, left the Yangon International Airport for Nepal to make mountaineering practices at the Ama Dablam Mountain, 6812 m above sea level, in Nepal, yesterday evening at 7: 45 pm. HTOO Group of Companies and HTOO Foundation are main sponsors for Khakaborazi Expedition.

Three mountaineers, who are preparing with great effort to conquer the Mount Khakaborazi, will attend HIMALAYAN ALPINE MOUNTAINEERING COURSE (HAMC) in Nepal. After that, they will apply and practices what they had learnt in the course, at Ama Dablam Mountain, which is is a mountain in the Himalaya range of eastern Nepal. Ama Dablam is the third most popular Himalayan peak for permitted expeditions.

HTOO Group of Companies and HTOO Foundation are main sponsors for this Khakaborazi Expedition and the supportive fund for the expedition before was US $ 35,000 and now, the fund is promoted to $50,000.

It is all Myanmar Expedition and we would like to express objectives of HTOO Group of Companies and HTOO Foundation for sponsoring the Expedition.

(1)Since the satellite technology has occurred, it is said that Gamlamrazi is higher. In 2013, during USA-Myanmar friendship hiking expedition, when measured with Juniper Archer 2, US technology, it is found that Gamlamrazi’s height is 5870 meters. Since Khakaborazi’s height is 5881 meters, hence the result is that Gamlamrazi is lower than Khakaborazi by 11 meters. Therefore, after measuring with Juniper Archer 2 technology, it can be scientifically proved that Khakaborazi is not only the highest in Myanmar, but also in South East Asia

(2)As per objective of HTOO Foundation, basic natural tourism will be developed around Putao Region and also the livelihood of the natives in the area.

(3)There are 18 villages on the way to Khakaborazi Expedition, of which national costumes will be donated for them, and also at the same time to preserve their dialect languages, culture and practices as much as possible, as per objectives of HTOO Foundation.

(4)Not only local, but also foreign mountaineers become aware of Khakaborazi and also to develop hiking and mountaineering sports in Myanmar.

(5)By developing hiking and mountaineering sports in Myanmar, it can raise Myanmar’s dignity in the world, while it can also support for the development of physical and mental of Myanmar people.

Khakaborazi Wildlife Natural Park is very spacious and because many people hardly reach the area, there are poachers and illegal loggers. Therefore, it is required to prevent and preserve it. For this purpose, HTOO Group of Companies Chairman U Tay Za has raised this issue and assisting in required forest conservation and at the same time trying to become Khakabrazi, one of the World’s Heritage.