Introduction of Htoo Group of Comapanies’s Plantation Business Unit

by HTOO Group Media Department

Htoo Group of Companies is a conglomerate that has various kinds of business units. Myanmar International Agro Product Group Co. Ltd. Is one of the business units and can be known as Plantation Business Unit.

The company’s vision is by planting perennial trees, it will benefit for the country and the agriculture related people in the long run, that will make high agriculture production, and out of which , it will gain sufficient food and also supporting in the sustainability and maintenance of environment within the country..

There are a total of eight Plantation Business Units, of which, their main business is production. There is also a tractor hiring  and repairing service in Nyaung-na-pin, as service providing unit.

To continue introducing with eight business units, they are as follows:-

(1). Oranges/Mandarin ( Pyin-oo Lwin).

Located at the north eastern part of Pyi-oo Lwin, about a mile north of Pwe-kauk Waterfall, land reclamation job has done on 17th February 2007 and has started cultivation. Meanwhile, the orchard has 35,286 orange trees, along with other fruit trees of 17,770 dragon fruits, 3776 guava and 14,308 coffee trees. Other trees, such as avocadoes, jackfruit, teak, pine and grapes(vine) are also planted there.

(2). Mangoes ( In-daw ).

By the roadside of Kyauk-gu, In-daw near His-sone Ga-naing Village, In-daw Village-tract, Lawk Sawk (Yat-sauk) Township on Southern Shan State, about 18,808 trees of mangoes, 2866 of longan and 270 trees of dragon fruits are planted.

(3). Teak Plantation.( Toungoo ).

Bone-taung Reserved Forest and Kha-baung Forest of Oak-twin Township, Toungoo District in Bago Division,  2,587,187 teak trees have planted on a total of 590 acres of protected forests.


In Pi-taung-pare-phyett kwin, Nam-kway Village Group, Myitkyina Township, land reclamation job has completed on 2150 acres of land and 927,466 teak trees have planted on it.


During 2010-2011, 70 acres of land has reclamated near Mulashidee Village, Putao Towship and has started planting tea trees.

(4). Myeik ( Palm Oil).

At Chaung-nout-pyan place in Tanintharyi Township, Myeik District, Tanintharyi Division, palm oil plants have planted on 2850 acres of land during 2007.

(5). Pwint Phyu Plantation.

The plantation has started in 1999 at Minbu and Pwint Phyu Townships, Minbu District, Magway Division. Land reclamation job was done in 1999 on 31,849 acres of cultured waste land. 30,403.75 acres of land has been given back to the country and the farmers.

(6). Nyaung-na-pin.

Located at Auk-chin-tan Myauk-kwin in Nyaung-na-pin Village Tract, Hmwabi Township. Plantation work has started in February 2006 with dragon fruit plants, but now tractor repairing and hiring services are providing, since the tractors from Pwint Phyu has arrived here.

(7). Putao ( Tea ).

Located at Mulashidee Village, Putao Township in Myikyina District, Kachin State, plantation of tea has started in 2007, with 10.6 acres of land, around the hotel area and on 1.4 acres of land tea and guava are also planted.

(8). Pyin-oo Lwin – 700 acres of Coffee Plantation Project.

Located at Inn-htaik-oo and Inn-ya Villages. The coffee plantation job has started since 7th October 2004 along with silver oak, macadamia, walnut, ya-ma-nay and teak trees. In 2017 – coffee plants will be planted on 70 acres of land together with shady trees on 50 acres of land.


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