HTOO Group of Companies held its 29th Kathina Celebration

by HTOO Group Media Department

   HTOO Group of Companies’ 29th collective Kathina Celebration was held on 20th November 2018 morning with a total of eighteen Padaytha Trees (offerings) to Tu Loot Aung Myay Monastery, located at Malikha (2) Road, 10th Quarter, Mayangone Township.

In dedication to Htoo Group of Companies Chairman U Tay Za, conglomerates of Htoo Group of Companies have donated cash and kinds worth of Kyats 14,941,400, out of which Padaytha Trees (offerings in kinds) value Kyats 5,803,300 and cash Padaytha Tress value Kyats 4,685,400, and Kyats 1,521,700 for miscellaneous expenses, while Htoo Group of Companies Chairman U Tay Za’s private donations for maintenance of two storey building is Kyats 3,000,000 respectively.

(The word “padaytha” is synonymous with plenty and inexhaustible wealth. The story of Padaytha Trees back to the beginning of the world, when humans were pure at heart.).

This 29th Kathina Celebration was attended by HTOO Group of Companies Chairman’s family members, unit heads, responsible persons and staff of various HGC Conglomerates , who have taken sermons from Abbot, Venerable Sayadaw Baddanda Vilatha of Tu Loot Aungmyay Monastery, member of State Sangha Mahanaryaka Theravada Buddhism, who had also explained on how effective of the Kathina Robe donation is.

As the saying goes – donation of ordination hall is best for monastery, and donation of  yellow robe is best for kathina,  and so for the collective donations towards Sanghas, we as Htoo Group of Companies,  hereby gladly pronounce Sadhu ( well done) three times and sharing all these good  deeds and merits done to all living human beings in the whole universe.