HTOO Group of Companies celebrated its 30th collective Mahabon Kahtein donations

by HGC Admin

HTOO Group of Companies’ 30th collective Mahabon Kahtein donations was celebrated on 4th November 2019 morning at Shwe Kyarnyo Kan Tharmanaykyaw Monastery, located at Thit Saint Kone Quarter, Thingankyungyi Village by donating 20 offering trees consisted of yellow robes, essential commodity items and cash.

Dedicated to Chairman U Tay Za, HTOO Group of Companies conglomerates have donated offering trees worth of K15, 997,510 which consisted of yellow robes and essential commodity items worth of K7,535,000 , cash trees worth of K6,662,500 and na-wa-kamma donations ( for use of general purpose) of K1,800,000.

At this donation ceremony, it was attended by HTOO Group of Companies Managing Director U Pyae Phyo Tay Za, Advisors from HTOO Group of Companies and Chairman’s Office, responsible persons from all units of HTOO Group of Companies and staff members, while Shwe Kyarnyokan Tharmanaykyaw Monastery Chief Sayadaw Ahshin Arsarabivumsa has delivered dhamma speeches, followed by giving five precepts and water pouring activities.

As the saying goes- the best is : for monastery – is ordained hall, and for yellow robe – it is kahtein robe. HTOO Group of Companies has reached such kind of donation annually and has reached 30th time for this year. May all beings in the whole universe gladly able to pronounce Sadhu – well done three times for this event.