Htoo Foundation has donated ten lakh kyats for 4th World Down Syndrome Day Fun Fair

by HTOO Group Media Department

Htoo Foundation has co-sponsored by donating ten lakh kyats and lunch to Myanmar Down Syndrome Association to celebrate 4th World Down Syndrome Day Fun Fair, which took place at the Myay-padaythar Garden, Pearl Lawn, Bahan Township on 31st March 2018 morning.

At this fun fair celebration, Down Syndromes, artists, vocalists and movie stars have co-operatively performed and entertained the audiences until 12 noon.

In Myanmar, World Down Syndrome Day has celebrated for four times in total, and Htoo Foundation has supported all these four celebrations, with the instructions of Htoo Foundation Patron U Tay Za.

Myanmar Down Syndrome Association is in co-operation with World Down Syndrome Association, to be able to establish Employment development Centre, where all the down syndromes can be trained in one place. It is meant to perform and to protect the down syndromes from bullying and exploiting by others and the parents will also aware to encourage them mentally.

Down Syndrome  – which is also known as trisomy 21, is a genetic disorder, caused by the presence of all or part of third copy of chromosome 21. It is typically associated with physical growth delays, characteristic facial features snf mild to moderate intellectual disability.

As Htoo Foundation, we are glad to participate in assisting the efficient disable children, who are trying their best to make the world beautiful, as much as they can.