Free medical treatment has been provided to 140 on 8th October 2019, as third day of the medical treatment trip

by HGC Admin

Sittagu Foundation and HTOO Foundation in collaboration with Belgium Medical Group, which consists of 12 doctors have treated 140 patients on 8th October 2019 as third day of their trip in Putao.

Due to efficiency and good intentions of the Belgium doctors, and with special care provided by Putao 100 Bedded Public Hospital plus arrangements of HTOO Group of Companies to enable have long term treatments, the village people in the remote and isolated areas are arriving more and more to have free medical treatments.

On 8th October 2019, a total of 140 patients, which are 106 dental patients, 8 patients with cleft lips and 26 patients with burnt, scars and bumps ( i.e. 47 males and 93 females) were treated, while 5 males and 5 females were operated among them.

In the afternoon, HTOO Foundation has donated lunch of fried rice, while the Advisors of HTOO Group of Companies and Chairman’s Office have provided words of encouragements, followed by donations.

It has been known that , those who are interested and in need of medical treatments are warmly welcome to Putao 100 Bedded Public Hospital from 6th to 11th October 2019.