Free dental treatments providedto patients in Pahsar Village, Merng Phong Sayadaw’s Monastery, Eastern Shan State

by HTOO Group Media Department

   With the instructions from Ministry of Health and Sports, the conglomerates of HTOO Group of Companies i.e. HTOO Foundation, AGD Bank and First National Insurance (FNI) in collaboration with Myanmar Dental Council have provided free dental treatments to patients from 3rd to 5th January 2019, three days continuously at Merng Phong Sayadaw’s Monastery, located in Loi Lane Monastery premises at Pahsar Village, Merng Phong (ka) Village group in Tachileik Township, Eastern Shan State.

Suddhmma Jotikadaza Agga-mahar Kamma-htarna Sariya Merng Phong Sayadaw Buddanda-nyana-samwara’s 56th birthday has fallen on 5th January 2019, and so there were five continuous days of Birthday Dhamma Discourses , of which thousands of laymen, disciples, followers  and audiences from various parts of the area were attended. There, free dental treatment was given to the needy patients.

The team consisted of forty two members – dentists from Myanmar Dental Council and staff from HTOO Foundation, AGD Bank and FNI. Free dental treatment was given to 339 patients, including 38 patients with dentures within these three continuous days.

With the instructions of HTOO Group of Companies Chairman U Tay Za, Htoo Foundation is providing medical treatments to the needy locals in remote and hardship areas within the whole country, including education supports and development works as much as possible.

On behalf of HTOO Group of Companies, we sincerely appreciate and thank to local authorities, all team members from Myanmar Dental Council, HTOO Foundation, AGD Bank and FNI, who have participated wholeheartedly to make a success for this remarkable trip.


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