28th Htoo Group of Companies’ Kathein Robe Donation Ceremony

by HTOO Group Media Department

Htoo Group of Companies’ 28th Collective Kathein Robe Donation was held on 1st November, 2017 morning at Tu Loot Aung Myae Monastery at Malikha (2) Road, 10th quarter, Mayangone Township, with 15 padetha trees from Htoo Group of Companies’ Head Office. (The word padetha is synonymous with plenty and inexhaustible wealth. The story of Padetha tree dates back to the beginning of the world when humans were pure of heart.)

In honor of Htoo Group of Companies’ Chairman U Tay Za, Htoo Group of Companies  conglomerate has donated cash and commodities worth of Kyat 12,206,109 in total for this 28th Collective Kathein Robe Donation, of which the commodities are worth kyats 5677119, Money tree is worth kyats 1,743,000 and kyats 4,786,000 as donation of fund for general purpose.

In this Collective Ceremony, family members of Htoo Group of Companies’ Chairman
U Tay Za, staff and responsible persons from Htoo Group of Companies’ conglomerates and HTOO Foundation were attended and they carefully and respectfully listened to the sermon, which is related to completeness and advantages of donation.

The Abbot of Tu Loot Aung Myae Monastery, Venerable Sayadaw Bhaddanta Vilatha has explained on how effective of the Kathein Robe donation was.

After the donation ceremony, lunch was offered to the monks and the attended devotees and guests.

“Donation of Ordination Hall is the best for Monastery, and yellow robe is the best for Kathein” as the saying goes, Htoo Group of Companies is very grateful to make such kind of donation and we all would like to share our good deeds and merits done to all human beings and gladly pronounced Sadhu three times for this donations.

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